IT talent does not have to be a scarce resource

More and more companies are having difficulty acquiring the right IT specialists. There is a massive shortage of IT specialists, which means that IT is often the bottleneck for businesses. And this means losses on time-to-market and orders.

But if you look to Poland, where IT specialists are abundant, IT does not have to be such a hurdle.

Many mistakenly assume that nearshoring is a long and arduous process, and that a long time must pass before companies can begin to reap the benefits. But in fact, with an established and professional supplier, it is relatively simple: it can take as little as 30-45 days to get a team ready to execute and deliver results.

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Nearshoring as a service

With ProData Consult’s nearshoring as a service, you gain access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, allowing you to profit from the large volume of highly qualified IT specialists that Poland has to offer.

We handle all the practicalities by providing offices, infrastructure, hardware and, of course, high-end IT experts. In short, we take care of the entire setup.

From the moment you decide to go with a nearshoring setup, it will take less than 45 days for your team to become fully operational. At the same time, you can be clear of all obligations within a maximum of 30 days at any time.

The service is tailored to your unique situation and is scalable to fit any team size you need. We have clients with two consultants and clients with 100+.

We offer our Nearshoring as a Service from our offices in Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz in Poland.

We guarantee full compliance


It’s plug and play


Research Phase

Are you still considering whether nearshoring is the right choice for your company? Don’t worry! We will help you conduct the necessary research to make an informed decision, without you having to spend a dime. Let us take you on a trip to Poland to show you our facilities, interview consultants, talk with some of our clients and in general get a hands-on sense of the Polish level of expertise and work culture.


Identify Needs

Together, we identify your specific needs. The solution and service is then tailored to fit your requirements.

Step 3

Search and Match

Based on the identified requirements, we select the senior IT consultants suited for your needs.


Interviews and Selection

You interview and select the final consultant team which is right for the tasks ahead.

Step 5


The contract will be based on the national legislation of the the client, which means the client will not be exposed to Polish legislation. With 30 days of notice, the client can terminate any obligations, while ProData Consult, on the other hand, is bound by long-term obligations.



We customize a solution for each client. We provide a full logistical package and setup, which includes offices, workstations and IT infrastructure.

Step 7

100% Security and Compliance

We continually invest in security initiatives to comply with international regulations. This means that all deliveries, IT infrastructure and underlying processes adhere to the strictest international standards for IT security and data protection.


Ongoing assistance and quality assurance

We provide friction-free cooperation and ensure that you get a service of the highest quality.

We handle everything

ProData Consult's Polish nearshoring departments in Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz are specialized in servicing European companies with tailored nearshoring solutions. We handle all the practicalities. We provide offices, infrastructure, hardware and of course, world-class IT specialists. In short: we take care of the entire setup.


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