"This is a strategically important agreement for us," Sindre Sandaker, Acting Country Manager, ProData Consult Norway

ProData Consult wins big public tender in Norway

It was only half a year ago that ProData Consult acquired Amesto Consulting in Norway. The ambitions in Norway are big, and the acquisition is already yielding results. Now ProData Consult has won a big public tender in Norway as Bufdir has chosen ProData Consult as IT resource partner going forward.

11 November 2020

"This is a strategically important agreement for us. It strengthens our position within the public sector in Norway. Moreover, the agreement illustrates the competitive advantages we achieve as ProData Consult. We can now offer greater services and more consultants than ever before. We have gained an even greater impact in the market, and it is noticeable", says Sindre Sandaker, Acting Country Manager Norway of ProData Consult.

The framework agreement with Bufdir runs over four years, and it primarily applies to deliveries of consultant resources within strategic ICT consulting, business architecture, system ownership for technical products, project management, technical product development, and management.

"Bufdir has a lot of exciting things going on in many areas. As their new IT resource partner, we look forward to helping them realize their goals and visions by ensuring that the right IT expertise and knowledge are always present," says Sandaker.

The agreement will relate to work with needs, concept, quality, design, and architecture, and within quality assurance, strategic consulting, business and information architecture, design services, assistance with inquiries as well as procurement and other strategic work related to the ICT area.

10,000 consultants in the Norwegian network

The agreement with Bufdir marks the first major agreement ProData Consult enters into in Norway following the acquisition of Amesto Consulting in April this year. The company now has over 10,000 consultants in its Norwegian network.

"Not only will Bufdir gain a partner that never will run out of expert consultants. Bufdir will also be able to take advantage of a user-friendly and modern platform that provides full insight into hired consultants, costs, contracts, performance, purchasing flows, and much more. We have combined everything in a super-user-friendly interface and automated the processes around management and procurement of consultants", says Sandaker.

ProData Consult differs from the competition by being able to offer the very best IT consultants both from larger consulting companies and from smaller companies as well as independent consultants. Thus, clients can access the very best minds in the industry as a whole, and not only the available resources from one particular company.

"Norway is an important market for us, and the Bufdir agreement gives us a good foothold for further investment in Norway. It is an important part of our strategy to combine the delivery of the best IT specialists in the market with modern systems and tools that make administration, overview, purchasing, and reporting transparent and straightforward for our clients. It fits well with the needs of both Bufdir and other Norwegian companies", says Søren Rode, CEO of ProData Consult.

"Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet" (Bufdir) is a Norwegian directorate under the Royal Ministry of Children and Family Affairs. (Barne- og familiedepartementet - BFD). Bufdir is a directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs. It deals with matters in the areas of child welfare, family protection, children and youth, adoption, equality and non-discrimination, and the work against violence and abuse in close relationships.

"Bufdir wants technology partners who are active advisors and who understand the company's goals and priorities," says Harald Hegerberg, Division Director of Bufdir.

ProData Consult Norway has also framework agreements with "Sykehusinnkjøp" and "Direktoratet for eHelse" in the public sector as well as several major clients in the private sector.

About ProData Consult (www.prodataconsult.com)

ProData Consult is the leading independent consultancy in Northern Europe, focusing on business and IT consultants with more than 1,300 active consultants on assignments for clients. The Group provides high-end business and IT consultants and operates a large network of competent and experienced IT specialists. ProData Consult is headquartered in Copenhagen and has branches/subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. The company was established in 1994 and has since 2018 been owned by main shareholder Polaris Private Equity and a group of senior executives and board members.


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