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Morten Edler Bay is CEO of the Norwegian company Bragd Consulting Network.

ProData Consult acquires Bragd Consulting Network

ProData Consult joins forces with Norwegian based IT consultancy Bragd Consulting Network. The new partnership will allow ProData Consult to increase its footprint in Norway to deliver IT expertise through experienced business and IT consultants.

Oslo 29 June 2021

– The partnership with ProData Consult is the perfect match for us. Together, we can offer clients access to an even greater network of high-end consultants and partners. Our network will also gain access to a wider variety of exciting opportunities and projects. We look forward to further building on the close working relationships that we have with our clients, partners and consultants, says Morten Edler Bay, CEO of Bragd Consulting Network.

Bragd Consulting Network AS was founded in 2014. Morten Edler Bay became general manager in 2016, and the company has since grown to become a significant and independent IT consultancy in the Norwegian consulting market. In 2020, the turnover reached NOK 169 million.

–  At Bragd Consulting Network, we have vast experience collaborating with consultants and consultancies, and this network gives our clients access to IT expertise across disciplines and roles. We have succeeded in building up a client portfolio in the public sector by providing access to in-demand expertise. We look forward to working with our skilled colleagues in ProData Consult, and together, we will create the IT consultancy of the future in Norway, says Morten Edler Bay.

A more prominent player in the Norwegian IT consultant market

Sindre Sandaker står foran logo ProData Consult

"The combined expertise and our modern IT systems - coupled with a more extensive client and consultant base, will strengthen us in all areas in Norway", says Sindre Sandaker, Country Manager of Norway at ProData Consult.

The new partnership contributes to ProData Consult becoming a more significant player in the Norwegian IT consultant market. One year ago, ProData Consult likewise acquired the Norwegian Amesto Consulting in a successful merger.

–  The agreement with Bragd Consulting Network complements our Norwegian department and will bring synergies for clients and consultants alike. The combined expertise and our modern IT systems - coupled with a more extensive client and consultant base, will strengthen us in all areas in Norway, says Sindre Sandaker, Country Manager of Norway at ProData Consult.

ProData Consult has won several framework agreements with government agencies while increasing its portfolio of clients in the private sector. Bragd Consulting Network brings multiple framework agreements with public agencies and private companies to the mix.

– The demand for IT expertise is high in Norway. Under the management of Morten Bay, Bragd Consulting Network has established a solid position within the delivery of consultancy services. The partnership enables ProData Consult to further contribute with first-class IT expertise to companies in both the public and private sector, says chairman of ProData Consult, Agner N. Mark.

The implementation of the merger agreement is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval from the Norwegian Competition Authority.

About ProData Consult

ProData Consult is the leading provider of high-end business and IT consultants in Northern Europe. In 2020, the company served 333 clients with tailored IT and business consultancy services from 2640 specialist freelance consultants.

The business model couples modern technology with a human-centric approach, which enables the company to continuously challenge the status quo, providing flexible and scalable solutions for the growing demand for IT experts. Founded in 1994 in Copenhagen, the company employs +170 people across Denmark (HQ), Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

About Bragd Consulting Network

Bragd Consulting Network is an independent consultant provider that connects the best consultants with the best assignments in the private and public sector. In 2020, Bragd Consulting Network had a turnover of approximately NOK 169 million.

Bragd Consulting Network currently delivers consultants to some of Norway's most exciting projects in the public sector. Since its inception, the company has succeeded in building a solid portfolio of clients in the public sector. An essential part of the success of Bragd Consulting Network is collaborative solutions coupled with excellent partnerships and relationships with consultants and associated consulting companies.