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Press release: ProData Consult wins DSB tender

DSB has chosen ProData Consult as its primary IT resource partner going forward. The newly awarded tender valued at DKK 400 million means that ProData Consult becomes the main supplier of time & material IT consultancy services to DSB, primarily within IT architecture, IT project management, IT development and SAP. At the same time, ProData Consult is tasked with consolidating the current consultant portfolio.

01 July 2020

“DSB is on an exciting journey, and as IT resource partner, we are looking forward to helping realize DSB’s goals and visions by ensuring that the right IT skills and know-how are always present,” says Jan Wolff, Country Manager for Denmark at ProData Consult.

The purpose of the tender has been to select a supplier of IT consultants in a “single vendor setup”, who can consolidate the current portfolio and then account for the total consultancy supply. Quality constituted 65 percent of the weighting of the tender, and price was 35 percent.

Here, the choice fell on ProData Consult. And as the new IT resource partner, DSB not only has a partner with probably the largest network of high-end IT consultants in Denmark, but the partnership also includes a state-of-the-art IT platform that is tailored to streamline and automate processes around management and procurement of consultants.

“Our IT platform provides transparency and an overview of the entire consultant portfolio. DSB will be able to leverage a user-friendly and modern platform that gives full insight into hired consultants, costs, contracts, performance, purchasing flows, and much more. We have combined everything into a super user-friendly interface and automated the processes,” says Jan Wolff.

The combination of providing high-end consulting services based on innovative IT systems and automated processes is a cornerstone of ProData Consult’s strategy.

“It is a vital part of our strategy to combine the delivery of the best IT specialists in the market with modern systems and tools that make administration, overview, procurement, and reporting transparent and straightforward for our clients. It fits well with DSB’s needs,” says Søren Rode, CEO of ProData Consult.

The framework agreement will run for four years with a potential extension option.

Additional information

Jan Wolff, Country Manager Denmark

Søren Rode, CEO, ProData Consult

Contact: +45 25 60 24 37

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