Poland as a Nearshoring destination

We're convinced that Poland is Europe’s number one IT hub. Poland is simply one of the best choices for companies that want access to cross-border IT talent for a number of different reasons. Learn why in this article.

Quality over costs

Polish developers are among the best in the world. We think this is the strongest argument for why Poland should be your preferred nearshoring destination. The coding skills of Polish consultants are widely recognized as world-class. Developers from Poland are constantly top finishers in Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and TopCoder. In fact, HackerRank ranks Polish software developers as the third-best in the world.

So if you want access to high-end consultants, choose Poland. It’s a quality over costs choice. Which doesn’t mean you won’t save money. Polish consultants are around 50% less expensive than Scandinavian consultants with the exact same experience and skills.

{  ...Polish coding skills are considered some of the best in the world.   }

In addition to the high standards you find in Poland, the volume of consultants is also significant. Compared to any Scandinavian country, the range of skillsets is noticeably larger, and 15,000 IT engineers graduate from Polish universities every year. More than one in ten IT engineers graduating in Europe is from Poland. In short, Poland offers a large pool of highly qualified IT professionals from which you can hand-pick the exact skills you require – with the assistance of a professional and experienced provider of consultants.

The Polish universities have a long tradition for engineering and IT degree programs and are still among the best in these fields in Europe today. Furthermore, being an IT engineer and a developer is considered very prestigious in Poland. This means that the brightest students take IT degrees, which is reflected in the high specialist expertise of Polish IT consultants.

Cultural compatibility

In Poland, you can access a highly qualified workforce and even save money - but what about cultural compatibility? Can Polish IT consultants function in Scandinavian workplace culture? We know from experience that they definitely can! Polish culture is very similar to Scandinavian culture, which is an obvious advantage when working together across national borders. The organizational culture in Poland is indeed characterized by a more formal hierarchy, which means employees have more respect for authority. However, Polish consultants are still open-minded, constructive and critical in the development and work processes, which is an important precondition for a successful collaboration.

{  ...Polish culture is very similar to Scandinavian culture, which is an advantage when working together across national borders..   }

The EF English Proficiency Index ranks Polish IT developers number 16 in the world, with a score of 596 at a level of “high proficiency” – higher than any other country in Eastern Europe. (updated 20-11-2020)

Thus, there are more considerable advantages to choosing Poland as the destination for your nearshoring setup.


Well schooled

15,000 new Polish IT engineers are graduating every year.



Polish consultants create quality solutions that are fully compliant with Western/Nordic standards.


A cultural match

Polish mentality and culture are very compatible with mentalities in Holland and Scandinavian countries.


Great language skills

Polish consultants have great English skills – both in written and verbal communication.

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