Working at ProData Consult

At ProData Consult, we value diversity greatly. Both when it comes to backgrounds and competences, but also in relation to personality and individual ambitions. We are a diverse and well-rounded group, consisting of experienced specialists, generalists, recent graduates and self-taught people. In general, we are curious, helpful and happy to share knowledge with our colleagues.

We are proud of our values that are based on honesty, kindness, helpfulness and solidarity. We maintain a strong community, where cooperation is paramount - not just locally but also across our international departments. Only in unison can we provide the best service to our clients and affiliated consultants - and that is our goal. As an employee of ProData Consult, you will experience a close-knit culture in which people stand side by side and where there is an emphasis on building close relationships. Going to work, must be a fun and enriching experience yet still provide a challenge. That is why we take several steps to ensure that it is both motivating and engaging to go to work. Lastly, we also try to create the right conditions for physical and mental wellbeing.


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