Uncompromising is business-as-usual to us

We specialize in matching high-end business and IT consultants with our clients’ needs for specialist skillsets, and we have spent decades refining our ability to do just that. We serve our clients not only by providing expert consultants locally on location, but also nearshore from one of our nearshoring centers in Poland.

Trusted by leading companies since 1994

Today we work with some of the most renowned international companies and brands. We are dedicated to providing second-to-none service without compromising an inch of our purpose: To help clients with their business and IT needs by delivering uncompromising quality.

Since 1994, ProData Consult has been on an amazing journey, and today we are among the leading providers in our segment in Northern Europe. We are headquartered in Copenhagen and have branches in Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.

In 2019, ProData Consult Group grossed €137 million.

Since 2018, ProData Consult has been owned by main shareholder Polaris Private Equity and a group of senior executives and board members.


We are companies gateway to a scalable IT workforce

Whether local or nearshore, we can always meet our clients’ immediate needs for IT specialists. We offer companies the necessary flexibility and scalability to always have the right IT know-how and resources available to navigate in a volatile environment. We are constantly expanding our network of IT specialists, and we always have our finger on the pulse of industry trends and emerging technologies, which helps us proactively adapt to tomorrow’s demand for IT talent.

Our responsibility

ProData Consult has an active CSR policy, and we are members of the UN Global Compact.


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