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ProData Consult and emagine Group are officially one since December 2021

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With experts selected to be the very best in their field, we tailor our services to each unique challenge. From time and material based services to managed services. We connect companies with local expertise or leverage Polish specialists through our nearshoring services, ensuring that you can adapt to whatever the future might hold.

How we work

Matching the brightest minds with today's challenging projects demands a structured and bias-free approach.

For almost three decades, our systematic sourcing method has enabled us to deliver swiftly and at scale.

Our approach to sourcing business and IT consultants rests on the foundation of a well-oiled machine and advanced IT systems. Driven by open and straightforward dialogue with our clients, we are able to vet and qualify consultants for the requests we receive while still delivering at scale and on short notice.


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As the leading provider of high-end business and IT consultants, our extensive network of top-tier talent from all over Europe enables us to provide modern companies with the expertise required to keep up with the accelerating pace of change.

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